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Gutters are long channels that sit along the lower edge of your roof. They’re designed to capture all the water that hits your roof when it rains or melts after a snow, ensuring that it travels safely to the ground. With all the damage standing water can do to your home, you certainly want to keep your gutters operating at peak efficiency.

When was the last time you cleaned or even checked your roof gutters? Do you have years of debris piling up, or small trees or bushes growing in your gutters? Clogged gutters not only lead to drainage issues but can also damage the walls and foundation of your home, making you spend huge amounts on repair. It is important to clean your gutters on a regular basis to keep them free of debris. It’s recommended that your gutters are cleaned at least twice per year, preferably in the spring and in the fall.

Your gutters protect your home by shunting rainwater into a central drainage and away from the rest of your home. The King’s use quality equipment and their gutter cleaning expertise to remove any buildup and debris to clean the lines and restore proper flow. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect the safety of your property and our workers. We guarantee that all of our gutter cleaners are hired and trained directly by our company, so you will be satisfied with us every time!

Why Gutter Cleaning is So Important?

Regular gutter cleaning is extremely important when it comes to preventing expensive problems including:

Pest Infestations

Dirty gutters attract all kinds of pests and vermin. As the seasons turn, animals and pests are searching for warmth and happiness in a home, moving into your dirty gutter with little interference. Birds and bees have been known to successfully build nests and raise their young in gutters. Wasps, roaches and lots of microscopic organisms love the wet, rotting environment of decaying leaves and mold that develops in a dirty gutter. These pests can cause very expensive damage to your home and can cause uncleanliness.

Weight Burden

When gutters are filled with debris, ice and snow, it can cause the buildup of extra weight which is a burden on the roof. If it rains the debris that has taken up residence in your gutter absorbs the water and the weight increases. If the weight increases the burden on the gutters increase. It can put so much stress on the gutters and the brackets that the integrity of the gutters will be compromised. This can lead to damage.

Dead Plants

If gutters are overflowing because they are filled with debris, they can drain into landscaping and plants, causing them to die from overwatering.

Foundation Cracks

If water collects around the foundation of your home it can be absorbed and freeze, creating a “heave” which leads to cracking. Once cracks appear in the foundation, even if a collapse is not about to happen, water will then enter the home through those cracks where it can cause mold growth and flooded basements.

Unwanted Ice Buildup

Excess water from downspouts can collect on sidewalks or your driveway and in the winter can lead to icy surfaces which are extremely hazardous. Homeowners should also take steps to keep their gutters and downspouts clear to allow water to leave the roof unobstructed.

Water Damage to Your Home

Your gutters will start to leak or overflow for a few reasons. It could be because of debris building up which cause the water collected inside to overflow, or loose caulking in the gutter joints.

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Our sole purpose is summed up by simply stating, “we want our customers to be completely satisfied with our services”. We promise to treat your house or business as if it’s our own and provide service in a way that will turn you into a life-time customer.


We are confident in the quality of service we provide and therefore, offer a Happiness Guarantee. Using this Happiness Guarantee, customers who are not completely satisfied can request the Kings professionals to visit their place again and resolve the issue.


  • Fast, effective and friendly service. They cleaned our gutters for us and did a great job. I plan on having them back to do the windows later this spring.

    Christian Hernandez
  • AMAZING job!!! They did a wonderful job power washing my whole house and they cleaned out our gutters as well. Reasonably priced, friendly, and quality work. Would highly recommend.

    Jess T.

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